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Braun Silk-épil 9 9/980 Epilator, White/Rose Gold

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[Review from Braun UK: English Review] After wanting an epilator for a long while I am very disappointed, didn't pull all the hair out and my leg still felt prickly after using the epilator for about 40 minutes. Left my leg speckled with red spots. Was not worth the pain and I completely regret saving up to buy this. Save your money!!

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Easy to handle

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] I bought this epilator as an upgrade from my first epilator and it's so much better, faster and not as painful as my Philip's satinelle

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Braun silk epil 9

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] I absolutely love this !!!On first impressions of opening the box it looks really smart and a cool design . I must admit though, I was a little overwhelmed by all the attachments but once I read the clear information on the Braun website about this product I found it easier and clearer than the instructions that came with it . I have now used all attachments and used the epilator and shaver on most of my body ! So simple to use and NOT painful at all when you pull the skin tight . The hair takes a lot longer to regrow compared to shaving and definitely better than waxing or hair removal creams . It's fabulous that it can be used wet or dry . Perfect for anytime anywhere as it's so quick to take out and use . There's a hand type attachment like a razor that's extremely useful for taking on holiday . I've previously been sceptical about epilators and shavers through past experience. But how technology has changed !!!

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[Review from Braun UK: English Review] Well times have certainly changed since the last shaver/epilator I bought . I didn't think anything was as good as using a razor . Not only am I silky smooth but the hair regrowth is very slow . I'm very impressed . I did find however that there are better instructions on the Braun website plus tips .. for instance to pull skin tight whilst using the epilator for a total pain free experience. The attachments that are included are somewhat confusing to start with but once you find the ones you need and for what area it's simle after that . Like I said , clearer details on website . The fact that it can be used wet or dry is a definite bonus . What a clever gadget that also looks so cool ! Would recommend. Will not use anything else now !!

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Great product with amazing accessories

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] I love this product.At first I was a bit wary about using the product as I had never used an Epilator before but I needn't have worried as clear instructions came with the Silk épil 9 and I found it quite easy to use. On opening the box I discovered it also came with a bikini styler which was an excellent extra to include with the epilator. Some of the accessories came individually wrapped which I found very hygienic and there is also a bag included to keep the accessories in. The colours of the epilator are white and pink and they seem very delicate and girly, I really like them. The Epilator when first used was a little bit sore as I have never used one before but my skin soon got use to it and it provided me with fantastic smooth skin. I was really happy with the results.I have used the exfoliation brush to remove dead skin cells weekly and have been happy with the results.I have also used the deep massage pad in the shower but also with body lotion and I feel my skin texture and appearance has greatly improved.The Bikini styler is easy to use and very effective as well.My view overall on the BrAun Silk épil 9 SkinSpa with SensoSmart is that it is a fantastic product and well worth the money. I will certainly be recommending it to my family and friends.

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Best epilator I've had so far

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] A lovely rose gold easy to use wet/dry epilator comes with exfoliating/massage heads helping to keep those ingrown hairs at bay or just a little pamper! Definitely a must in any lady's busy life lasting results it's definitely made my life easier I don't find this painful I use on my face underarms & legs & also included is a put in your bag bikini trimmer. 50 minutes usage I give this a 5*YES I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO A FRIEND Thank you Braun x

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Absolutely love this product

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] As soon as this arrived and I opened the box I knew it was going to feel good in my hands. The design is so sleek. I love all of the attachments but i mainly use the epilator. This isn't a painless way of getting rid of unwanted hair but after a few seconds you become accustomed to it and it certainly doesn't have that harshness that other epilators I have used have. I use this on a weekly basis as oppose to shaving almost everyday with my previous electric razor. I recommend this to anyone out there who wants to reduce their body hair drastically...oh and i love the sensolight. Well done Braun!!

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I love this product

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] I really like this product because it's easy and comfortable to use. It's fantastic that it's waterproof, I can use it on wet skin, after shower and I can't feel any pain. I love the " Smart Lights " Led because I can see the small, thin hair - I can't lose anything. It's not only very efficiently, all-in-one hair epilation, but it's a full skin spa kit. I like to use the exfoliating tools just one day before I plan to epilate. My skin is now very smooth and radiant. Thank you Braun! It's the product that helps me to be more confident every day.

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Quieter and gentler

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] I'd previously used one of the 7 series which I really liked, however this was even better! It has a larger head, is quieter and more importantly gentler than the 7. It's a great improvement. I felt the exfoliating brushes were a little surplus to requirements for me, but can see how useful they'd be for those who suffer ingrown hairs.Lots of additional heads, such as trimmer, facial hair attachment, bikini trimmer etc, so you you only need one device, brilliant!

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Best epilator around

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] First epilator I have used and I have to say I am really impressed. Seeing as I'm new to epilating I like how it has a senso smart light which goes a red colour when you press to hard on your skin. There are so many different heads for different parts of your which all work incredibly well but I do like the fact that this epilator comes with bikini line trimming head. There are also exfoliating brushes which helps with the ingrown hairs. It all packs away in a very handy grey velour pull cord bag and the epilator is in a very trendy rose gold colour. You can use this in the shower. It's also cordless and doesn't take long to re-charge. I would highly recommend this product to my friends. I wish I had epilated years ago as this gets my legs smoother than waxing and shaving and it's less messy.

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