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Braun FaceSpa Pro SE921 All-in-One Beauty-Gerät zur Gesichts-Epilation, Weiß/Bronze

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Overall disappointing

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] Good-sleek Braun design.Epilator works very well on fine hair, easy to use,switches rotation, easy clean.Vibration head is pleasant to massage products in/stimulate tissues, 2 different speed/intensity settings. 20 secs indicator.Bad-Facial brush not strong/stiff enough to clean face,exfoliate it. Not effective for dry brushing,bristles wear out quickly. Real issues with charger. No3 pin plug forUK. Charges to full in 3 mins but battery empty after 2 uses of a few minutes. Very annoying

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great little gadget

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] this is a great little gadget to have. i love the cleansing brush that it come with, so gentle and soft but a good and efficient exfoliator that leave my skin looking and feeling soft. the epilator works good but can be a little timely with removing all the fine hairs. but in general i give this thumbs up

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Excellent product, easy to use, convinient

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] I have a lot of facial hair and have tried a few epiliators before. However, the combination of epiliation and toning system works great for my skin. It's easy to use, straightforward and very compact. I can charge it and take it to the shower without having to worry about the batteries or wires. I love it#1

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An all round skincare must.

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] I've had the Epilator for a few weeks and have enjoyed experimenting with all its different functions, It looks great and is easy to put together, charge and hold in your hand whilst using. It is great to put cream on your face and moisturiser, I've been using it to do that mainly at night and have noticed that my skin is softer then when I just put it on by hand. I really like the 20 second burst function, so you know how long to use it on each part of your face and having the two speed settings is a great feature. The Epilating head is good for getting rid of hairs that are difficult to move or just stray ones. The cleansing brush is a really good feature of this model too, overall if you want to take control of your facial skincare, it's a great tool to have.

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Great product and simple to use

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] I love how the product isn’t Just an epilator it’s also a cleansing and skin toning product. First up I tried the epilator, thinking it was going to be a little complex as the instruction book looked massive (I later found out, that this was because it was in a few different languages...) it was actually very simple to use. First charge it up for an hour and it’s good to go. The instructions did say to try it first in the evening as skin might be a little delicate and red after first epilating (and it was). The machine has a switch that you press to turn it on and off and buttons on either side of this button which changes the direction of spin of the hair removal head, depending on which side of your face you are tackling. It’s very easy to use, hold skin taunt and then run over your face, it isn’t that painful but not exactly enjoyable either, less painful than waxing, but doesn’t happen in one go, so... swings/roundabouts ... According to the box ... the “Precise Epilation removes 4x shorter hair than wax” and I do think this is true, as my face did look and feel a lot more hair free than normal! It’s great that it’s not just one thing, as an epilator isn’t required all the time so the cleansing brush can be used (twice) daily if required.
I generally use cleansing balms with my finger tips but it’s great to have this device when I want a more intensive cleanse. However I love the MicroVibrating head, it’s so good to use with serums and creams.
I usually apply my serum with my finger tips then use the MicroVibrating head afterwards and it’s so relaxing, a real treat if using after a long day. Overall I really like this product and yes it is a little more expensive But it’s amazing, and also super easy to use too! I wish I'd discovered something like it years ago!

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does exactly what it says it does

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] The epilator attachment gets out even the smallest facial hair easily and it is painless.The brush attachment is really gentle and soft for the faceAnd the MicroVibration attachment spreads the cream evenly on the face massaging it at the same time.Loved this product from the very first use

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Fanstastic product

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 comes with a cute little pouch bag which is great when going away. It looks very elegant with a delicate rose gold look. The epilator unsurprisingly is slightly painful but it managed to remove the tiniest hair I struggle to remove with tweezers. The little brush supplied with it perfectly removes any hair left on the epilator. I normally remove my make up with a face wash. After my normal routine I used the cleansing brush with a face wash and saw much more make-up left on my skin. I used the micro vibration to apply the face cream and it worked relatively well although I still had to spread it with my fingers. The heads are very easy to change and they just pull off. The battery lasts very long. To me Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 is a great product.

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Simple, stylish, easy to use

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] The Braun FacePro is a simple product with several features in one. It comes in a stylish grey pouch making it easy to store and once charged can be used cordlessly. The FacePro can either be used as an epilator for those small areas around the face or as a toner with the metal attachment. The soft brush glides over your face making your skin feel soft and smooth. It comes with a rose gold cap. Ideal when you are travelling too!

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Excellent product

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] I absolutely love this amazing product. The packaging is compact and elegance. This feels like a high quality product.The epilator attachment is small and perfect for your face. I used this on my chin, forehead & upper lip. It removed hairs really well and the results last for good amount of time. It didn’t leave any red marks or irritation afterwards.The cleansing brush head is very useful addition to this product. It is very effective, nice and gentle to your skin. I have used several different cleansers with it and the results have been excellent every time.I must admit that the MicroVibration head is very relaxing and gives a feeling of freshness. I find this great to help massage moisturiser into the skin and also as a mini massage for any tension in the face. All attachments are very easy to clean and easy to attach with one click. charging the product is very fast, it takes no time at all and the battery power lasts for a good amount of time too. I think this is an amazing product that I benefit greatly from. I would 100% recommend it!

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Amazingly gentle

[Review from Braun UK: English Review] I love this product. It’s lightweight and incredibly easy to use. It feels amazing in your hand compared to many heavy, bulky other products. The products are incredibly gentle on your skin, and I’ve found the epilator is not as painful as others. My skin is the smoothest and healthiest it’s ever been, thank you!

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